Woman and Lover Call an Uber to Find Her Husband as the Driver

The two had reportedly kept their affair hush-hush for over a year before being found out in an unintended mishap.

A married woman in Colombia and her lover phoned an Uber to go to a motel, but as fate would have it, the driver was actually her husband, Newsweek reports.

The woman, known as Yeimy, and her lover, Jesús Barrios, had managed to keep the affair under wraps for over a year, but that all came to a swift end when she was ironically caught in the act.

The Uber driver’s name does appear on the screen once you’ve been assigned one, of course, but Tuesday’s events weren’t as simple as they initially appear. Yeimy’s husband had borrowed a friend’s car and used his Uber account to do his rounds that night. Hence, the driver Yeimy saw on her phone was named Leonardo, which appeared to be no cause for alarm.

Local media reports that neither party was aware of what was occurring until both husband and wife were sitting in the vehicle, with various outlets reporting different outcomes. Some say all three exited the car, with both men starting a fight in the street, as Yeimy tried to stop them. Others say Yeimy and her lover escaped and ran off. 

The reason this occurred, of course, besides Yeimy’s infidelity, was that her husband and his friend Leonardo failed to adhere to Uber’s driver policy. Naturally, drivers aren’t allowed to switch identities or allow others to drive for them, with the penalty being loss of access to the app.

“We will deactivate your account for activities such as: providing Uber with inaccurate information; allowing someone else to lose your account; and taking a trip using an unapproved vehicle,” Uber states on its website. “The Uber app is designed to give riders identifying information about drivers and their vehicles, like their name, profile picture, vehicle model and license plate number, before the trip begins.”

Ridesharing has been one of the most convenient modern services for people across the world, with companies like Uber and Lyft reducing the rate of drunk drivers as well as the number of vehicles on the road. Unfortunately for Yeimy, of course, they also led to her being confronted by a shocked husband finding out about her infidelity. Clearly, this is not the kind of sharing she intended on that night.