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New Tesla Model 3 Delivered to Customer With Mismatched Door Panels

Some car companies would make you pay extra for this kind of customization.

A tweet showing a Tesla Model 3 with mismatched door panels surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, leading us to believe that the mass-production growing pains are far from over at Tesla’s Freemont, California factory and “tent.”

The Twitter user claims that the vehicle, a Pearl White Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3, belongs to her husband’s colleague who allegedly paid $78,000 for it. However, if you look closely at the driver’s side door you’ll see a white door panel, and if look at the passenger’s side door you’ll see a dark-colored door panel. According to the tweet, it’s not even black (the second color offered from the factory), it’s actually “brown.”

“We’re setting an extremely high bar for Model 3, and what happened in this situation is not how our vehicles are normally delivered,” a Tesla spokesperson told The Drive via email. “A mistake was made, and we are in touch with our customer to resolve this and ensure they are satisfied.” 

Tesla declined to comment on the root of the problem and what steps, if any, will be implemented to prevent it from happening again.

It appears that Tesla has been unable to escape the negative press lately, with recent issues with its automatic braking system during Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluations to photos from the factory floor showing multiple issues with manufacturing processes being released on social media, the last thing the automaker needs is glaring mistakes from the Quality Control department.