The Missing Oregon Trail Rally Trailer Has Been Recovered

A rally fan and volunteer spotted it in his neighborhood and notified authorities.

byJustin Hughes| UPDATED Apr 24, 2018 2:26 PM
The Missing Oregon Trail Rally Trailer Has Been Recovered

After being reported missing Sunday, the Oregon Rally Group's stolen trailer was recovered late Monday thanks to the power of social media.

They call it the "rally family" for good reason. From championship winning drivers to stage marshals and everyone in between, rally enthusiasts are a rather tight-knit community. As with any community, word travels fast, which is largely responsible for the recovery of the Oregon Rally Group's equipment trailer that was reported missing Sunday night.

After the story of the missing trailer spread across the internet Monday, Isaac Miller, a previous Oregon Trail Rally volunteer who couldn't attend this past weekend, spotted the trailer in his neighborhood near Northeast Lombard Street in North Portland. After notifying rally officials as requested, he called the police, who recovered the trailer. Once the investigation is complete they will return it to the Oregon Rally Group.

"We don't have a full assessment just yet, but the initial word from police is that it was still full of stuff," an Oregon Trail Rally representative said in a Facebook comment. "Likely thieves looking for power tools, of which there were none."

Miller was pleased to do his part in helping with the trailer's recovery. "I'll tell ya what, finding that made me feel better about not being able to volunteer last weekend as I planned because of work," Miller said. Though he expected nothing in return, rally officials rewarded him with an Oregon Trail Rally t-shirt and swag bag.

As a great leader once said, "I love it when a plan comes together."