Fastest Car on Netflix Should Be Your Binge Watch This Week

Because you like cars and have nothing better to do, right?

byRob Stumpf|


"Are you still watching?" Yes, Netflix, I am. And this week, I've decided to binge a show that I've been pretty excited about since we first learned about it last month. Fastest Car is a Netflix original program that focuses on cars and pits home-brewed builds up against big money supercars in an all-out drag race to determine just who is the fastest.

Before you get bent out of shape and write an angry comment to tell me "Rob, that's not how you measure a car's true speed," I'd like you to step back and visualize your perfect car show. It's probably a whole lot like old Top Gear before Jeremy Clarkson gave his producer the old one-two. And what made that show so great wasn't just the crazy antics behind each skit, or the chemistry of the trio hosting it, it was rich with history and personal experiences that made the cast personable and interesting. The cars in Fastest Car may not be measured on how well they can handle a corner, but they're interesting for another reason; the cast.

Each vehicle has a unique story behind it. The reason for the build, the triumphs by the individual building it, and what it means for them to win. You'll find yourself rooting for the most unlikely player in each round, regardless of your affinity to their car. Plus, on top of that, you get to see some cool builds go fast in a straight line, and even a crash (okay, that last part is a little devastating).

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Whether it's a 1,300-horsepower Ford Thunderbird, a ridiculously quick Plymouth Colt from the Diamond-Star Motors vehicle platform heyday, or a 7,000-pound Dodge dually, there will be something you hate to love, or love to hate. Combined with the personalities behind the wheels, and you'll be reminded of the first time you turned a wrench.