Wild Video Shows Sledgehammer-Wielding Vigilante Attack Florida Hit-and-Run Driver

In the words of Will Smith, “Welcome to Miami.”

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Mar 12, 2018 4:23 PM

In proof that Hammurabi's Code is alive and well in South Florida, a hit-and-run driver attempting to flee the scene of an accident in Miami over the weekend was boxed in by several civilian witnesses and attacked by a sledgehammer-wielding vigilante—and, of course, the whole thing was caught on video.

The dramatic scene unfolded on Sunday after a silver Infiniti QX70 allegedly drove into oncoming traffic and struck at least two cars, according to NBC Miami. The video picks up the action shortly after the crash, showing the Infiniti driver slowly backing away from the scene of the accident as two men attempt to stop him by banging on the windows and pulling at the locked doors.

With its entire front end dragging along the pavement, the Infiniti inches around the intersection, all while more bystanders gather and try to block its path. At one point, a civilian in a Nissan Pathfinder pulls up to box him in, but the rogue driver manages to steer around it and get about halfway down the street before getting blocked by another brave Good Samaritan in an SUV.

And that's when things really fly off the rails. The Infiniti stops right next to a Chevrolet Express work van that's stuck in traffic heading the opposite way, and as the crowd catches up, the van driver exits his vehicle with a sledgehammer and starts beating on the offender's SUV with gusto. He manages to smash almost every single window before the driver squeezes through a gap and escapes.

In a final flourish, another complete stranger in a red Dodge Durango appears to pull a quick U-Turn to chase down the suspect. NBC Miami reports that officers spotted the vehicle later that day and arrested 25-year-old Maxwell Oleg Lagutenko, who appeared "to be high on narcotics" when he was apprehended.