Woman Drifts Lamborghini, Boyfriend Immediately Calls Her Marriage Material

The ability to drift pushes one man over the edge of being ready to marry his girlfriend.

byJustin Hughes|
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It's a well-known fact that handbrake turns attract women according to certain automotive TV shows. This video (after some helicopter skiing and gratuitous watch ads) shows that the opposite is also true—that a woman drifting a Lamborghini in the snow makes at least one man want to marry her.

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I know this to be true because it's happened to me. Soon after we met, my girlfriend and I took my Subaru BRZ to a Boston Chapter BMW CCA Ice Race, which is more like an autocross on a frozen lake. It was her first time driving my BRZ in anger, but being from Montreal she's a well seasoned snow driver. She did great, waiting to spin out until after she'd crossed the finish line and her time was recorded. Other than the spin, she was so good at driving in snow and ice that I wasn't even mad when she hit an ice bank and cracked my bumper.

I married her two years later.

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