GarageTime App Lets Users Rent out Garage Space

New app hopes to be a valuable tool for DIY mechanics.

byTalon Homer|
Car Tech photo

Imagine you’re driving around in your practical, used car and you start to feel the power steering pump go out. This is a relatively simple fix, but not for you, because you rent an apartment. Your only options to repair it are to do it in your parking lot (and risk getting yelled at by the rental management office or an HOA), beg a relative for garage space, or to take it to a shop—and pay shop prices. GarageTime may be the solution.

GarageTime is a new app created by Denver’s Andrew Koretz, made for a simple purpose. It connects people that need garage space with people who have it. The garage owner lists their space on the app, including specific rules and any available tools. The owner then decides on an hourly, daily, or even monthly rate for using the space. Based on what is currently listed on the app, a user can rent out everything from a basic residential garage for $15 an hour, to a shop bay with a lift for $50 an hour. GarageTime then takes a ten percent commission on all charges.

For a customer, using the app is as simple as picking whatever space they like, and booking the hours they’ll need. They bring their car to the garage, wrench with their own tools, or those supplied by the renter, and money is exchanged automatically. The customer can then leave a review for the renter and vice versa.

As of this writing, there are only about 25 GarageTime listings throughout the United States, but it has the potential to be a big hit with car enthusiasts. Anyone interested in joining can sign up through the official website.