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3 Brand-New Porsches Stolen Off Dealer Lot in Naples, Florida

Apparently all the key fobs were stolen as well.

The modern luxury car isn’t exactly easy to steal, especially when it is on a dealership lot filled with cameras. However, that didn’t stop thieves from taking three Porsches off the lot of Porsche of Naples in Naples, Florida.

According to news reports, an employee noticed a 2017 Porsche Panamera, prompting a full inventory check, something that probably should be done every day. After a full check, the dealership noticed a total of three vehicles were missing along with their respective key fobs. It is unclear how the thieves got ahold of the key fobs as they should be inside the establishment. An investigation is currently ongoing, but this stinks of an inside job.

To be able to quickly identify an supposedly secure key fob location, accurately source the matching key and drive off apparently undetected seems a little too Gone in 60 Seconds for use to believe it happened without a guy on the inside.

In an interview with the owner of Naples Motorsports, Bob Joyce told Fox 4 Now that the vehicles will most likely be shipped overseas (once again, very Gone in 60 Seconds), or chopped up for parts in the near future. Circumstances like these always made us wonder why thieves opt to steal from a dealership and not a private residence? Wouldn’t the chance of getting caught be higher in a dealership? If you think you can shed light on this incident, please comment below, but be fully aware all comments will be read in a Nicholas Cage voice by The Drive’s Mike Spinelli.