Audi A3 Abandoned in Parking Lot After Handbrake Turn Gone Bad

In a town called “Failsworth,” no less.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Audi A3 Abandoned in Parking Lot After Handbrake Turn Gone Bad

Hooning—it's not for everyone, and it's definitely not for everywhere. Someone found that out the hard way in the hilariously-named town of Failsworth, England, this weekend after abandoning their Audi A3 following a doomed attempt at a handbrake turn that left a metal bollard jammed up the car's rear axle.

Local police posted a series of mocking photos on their Facebook page reporting that the driver was showing off with donuts and a few handbrake turns in a Tesco parking lot before he "got it wrong" and smacked the bollard hard enough to dislodge it. The impact somehow sent the large metal rod through the gap between the rear wheel and the fender, and the driver's attempt at fleeing the scene pushed the bollard forward and up over the axle, almost lifting the Audi's back corner off the ground.

The driver eventually took off on foot, perhaps realizing that even if he drove away police could just following the giant scrape he was leaving in his wake. As the police point out, it's likely the bald tires and unskilled driving each contributed to the wreck in equal measure. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

So if it was you, you should know that police impounded your car and will turn it over "should you decide you want it back," along with what's probably a hefty fine. Given the mess you've made with a front-wheel drive hatchback, though, we're not sure you can be trusted.