Tesla is Expanding its Supercharger Network in Chicago and Boston

Travelling cross-country or just running errands in your Tesla is about to get easier.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Sep 11, 2017 12:34 PM
Tesla is Expanding its Supercharger Network in Chicago and Boston

Tesla just made an announcement that will make living with a Tesla in two big cities a lot easier. Tesla is expanding the Supercharger network in downtown Chicago and Boston as part of the company’s commitment to making their electric vehicles more accessible and more usable to anybody who owns one or wants one.

This expansion involves putting quick-charging Superchargers in places where you typically leave your car parked for a while. These locations include supermarkets, shopping centers, and downtown districts. Just plug in your Tesla when you park and let it juice up your car while you do your shopping or run your errands. This expansion will make a big impact on reducing range anxiety that’s part of EV life for anybody who commits to an all-electric car.

Not only will it make life easier for Tesla drivers who live in Chicago and Boston, but it will make it easier for people making long trips in the Midwest or the Northeast. It’s already possible to take a Tesla cross-country (trust us, we know) thanks to the existing Supercharger network, but with this new expansion, it will be easier and faster than ever to make a long road trip in a Tesla.

There’s also a slim new design for Superchargers in urban areas that is easier to install and takes up less space. This new design will make it easy to put multiple in one parking lot. They will still deliver 72 kilowatts of juice charging a Tesla in around 45-50 minutes.

Would a Supercharger at your local grocery store make you consider a Tesla?