McLaren Preparing All-Electric Ultimate Series Hypercar, Report Says

It’ll reportedly come after the internally-combusted P15 and hybrid BP23 three-seater.

byChris Tsui|
McLaren Preparing All-Electric Ultimate Series Hypercar, Report Says

The future of McLaren's Ultimate Series line of hypercars is starting to look a little crowded. Last month, we learned that McLaren's P1 successor will be a non-hybrid, stripped-down track weapon that will be sold alongside the BP23 three-seat hybrid "hyper-luxury GT." According to a new Autocar report, those two will be joined by a third Ultimate Series model—an all-electric affair expected to match pace with the firm's 675LT, as corroborated by previous rumors reported by The Drive as well.

While no specific release date was given, Autocar's sources claim that the purely electric Macca will drop sometime after its aforementioned P15 and BP23 stablemates, with the former expected sometime later this year and the latter due in 2018. When the new Ultimate Series entry does come out, McLaren reportedly plans on building just five examples at first, giving them to a hand-picked group of esteemed customers to drive "as part of the development process." Must be nice to have friends at Woking.

Between producing the hybrid P1 and supplying powertrains for Formula E, McLaren is on a journey to make half of its products use some kind of electrification by the year 2022, with this new petrol-free hypercar being the latest development on their campaign roadmap. Autocar also reports that replacements for the current crop of Sports and Super Series McLarens will indeed be hybrids, with an electrified 570S successor due in 2020 and the follow-up to the 720S expected for 2021.