Indian Is Selling 50 Commemorative Flat Track Scouts

Included with the race-dominating bike is a VIP trip to an American Flat Track race, plus a flat track riding lesson from a member of the Wrecking Crew.

byEric Brandt|
Indian Is Selling 50 Commemorative Flat Track Scouts

Indian has blown everyone away with the massive success of their Scout FTR750 in flat track racing. The Indian Wrecking Crew has won the first eight races of the 2017 American Flat Track season and has seen 22 of 27 podiums so far this season.

To commemorate their success, reports Indian is offering their fans the chance to purchase one of a limited run of Scout FTR750 models. When you buy the bike, you’re not only getting an extremely successful racing motorcycle, but a VIP viewing experience at an AFT event, where you get access to the pits where you can meet the team. Even better: the next day, you’ll get a flat track riding lesson with a Wrecking Crew racer, so you’ll know how to use your new bike the way it was intended. You're going to want to get good at that, because this baby isn't street legal.

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The whole package costs $50,000, which includes airfare for two. That’s actually pretty reasonable considering what you’re getting; the cost of a regular Scout ranges from around $11,000-16,000. You even get some customization options for your bike, including a number of your choice from 1-50 (first come, first serve), a few different custom finishes, and a front brake installed, should you want to make the bike a little more friendly to riders who aren’t professional racers.

A couple months ago, Indian made this racing bike available for purchase, but that was intended more for actual racers. This new promotion is intended for fans and collectors who want a unique addition to their collection, and a real flat track experience they couldn't normally buy for any amount of money.

Want to get your hands on this limited edition bike, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Reach out to Gary Gray at (651) 408-7283 or