Bear Rips Bumper off Colorado Ford Focus in Search of Donuts

To be clear, that’s donuts of the glazed and sugary variety, not the smoking rubber kind.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Feb 8, 2019 5:00 AM
Bear Rips Bumper off Colorado Ford Focus in Search of Donuts

A couple of donut shop owners in Colorado had to make an interesting call to their insurance company Monday morning.

In a report by Steamboat Today, Moose Watch Cafe owners Todd and Kim Robertson of Steamboat Springs, Colorado woke up earlier this week to find a bear attempting to break into the Ford Focus they use to make donut deliveries. According to Kim Robertson, there weren't even any donuts in the car at the time, but "it always reeks of doughnuts in there." 

That didn't stop the bear from tearing off the Focus's rear bumper though. Reportedly, the bear also left a paw print on the car before leaving, probably to continue his quest for sweet pastries. 

When police officer John McCartin arrived on the scene (because he was called, not because he smelled donuts as well), he remarked, "I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it's us." 

McCartin went on to acknowledge that a strong donut aroma was indeed noticeable even while standing around outside the Robertson's Ford. 

Since the incident, Moose Watch Cafe has introduced bear claw-shaped treats in honor of the pastry-craving animal. As for the Focus, we're sure insurance will have it sorted out posthaste and the Robertsons can go back to shuffling around delicious ring-shaped snacks on the streets of Steamboat Springs. (In the future, I personally recommend investing in multiple cans of Ozium.)