Wool Bomber Motojacket with Cordura Lining by Vaktare M.G.

The wool with leather-trim classic-styled Bomber Motojacket with Cordura lining by Vaktare M. G. is the bomb.

byPeter Jones|
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The classically-styled Vaktare M.G. Bomber Motojacket is unlike any other motorcycle jacket in style, comfort, performance, and protection. The Bomber, as well as other Motojackets by Vaktare, was created for serious street use in the real-life motorcycling lifestyle, technically designed with abrasion and impact-resistance, and many comfort features for riding.

As a moto-journalist, I have worn many jackets, but very, very few have drawn the level of positive attention from other seasoned riders as this Bomber jacket. It stands on its own in its combination of material and style. It’s available as shown in the ‘original’ color, a sort of light tan, and in Dark Heather Grey, and Steel Blue. Inside its abrasion-resistant 14-ounce, Melton wool shell is a 1000-denier Cordura lining throughout the entire jacket. For those unfamiliar with the natural and magical performance of wool, it provides a breathing insulation that keeps a person cool in the summer and warm in the winter, way beyond the ability of any leather. 

Having worn this Bomber on a hot day while co-riders were overheating, the wool proved itself beyond expectations. The wool outer shell is also water resistant, but not waterproof, though it does dry quickly. Another plus is that it is a stylish jacket for any outing, while motorcycling or not. Since it is not overburdened with motorcycle style, and being made of wool, it doesn’t look out of place when there is no motorcycle in sight. 

“Our wool blend exhibits qualities perfect for motorcycle use: quick drying, abrasion resistant, and natural insulation to regulate body temperature during the cold of winters and hot of summers," said Vaktare creator Estefan Duarte. "Our mission is to constantly improve the world of two-wheeled transportation through innovative materials and design.”

Four exterior and two interior pockets provide plenty of carrying options, and lambskin trim can be found on the hand pockets, with snap closures. The collar and epilates also feature functioning snaps, for days when a rider needs to turn the collar up against the wind. Inside the cuffs and collar is elastic knit ribbed textile for a comfortable fit against the skin. Nylon stitching with thick, reinforced threading is used for the construction of all seams. For adding armor, there are interior pockets in the back, shoulders, and elbows, and for colder days there is a wind flap behind the front zipper closure.

If a buyer damages their jacket in a motorcycling incident and require a new one, if you share your story with Vaktare M.G., it will help you replace the Bomber jacket for 50 percent off. Vaktare jackets are 100 percent American made, and have a 45-day return policy without fees.