Indian Motorcycles Launch Build-Off Competition With $10,000 Prize

Amateur bike builders get a Scout Bobber, a budget, and a chance to win cash for doing what they love.

byEric Brandt| PUBLISHED Mar 7, 2018 5:17 PM
Indian Motorcycles Launch Build-Off Competition With $10,000 Prize

Building and customizing motorcycles in your spare time is traditionally a hobby and something that you do because it’s something you’re passionate about. However, Indian Motorcycles is kicking off a build-off competition to reward that passion and ingenuity with a generous cash prize and a national audience for your creation.

It’s called The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off. “Unlike any other custom motorcycle competition, The Wrench is in search for three non-professional builders who do not make a living building and customizing motorcycles,” said an Indian representative in an email to The Drive. “Indian Motorcycle is looking for wrenchers who do it for the passion, not the pay.”

So, how are the top three builders selected? You can submit your entry to be considered for the competition from March 15-30. Indian will choose the top submissions and put them online from April 3-13 for fans to vote on and narrow it down to the top three. The three builders selected for the competition will receive a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber and a $10,000 build budget to work their magic on it.

The three finished projects will be unveiled in July. Again, the fans will vote on which one is the best. The winner will be announced at the Sturgis motorcycle rally and receive a grand prize of another $10,000 and a feature in Hot Bike magazine.

“We wanted to create a program that would celebrate the unsung heroes who spend countless hours wrenching on their bikes. The men and women who don’t do it for recognition or notoriety, but solely for self-expression and the pure art of customizing a motorcycle,” said Reid Wilson, senior director of marketing and product planning for Indian Motorcycle in a press release. “Last year we saw what professionals could do with the Scout Bobber platform when Kraus Motor, Keino Cycles and RSD unveiled incredible designs at the Brooklyn Invitational. This year, we’re turning the spotlight away from the pros, and shining it on everyday wrenchers.”

If you want to throw your oil-stained hat in the ring and be one of the builders considered for the build off, visit Indian’s website and submit a 500-word explanation of your build plans and why you should be considered. You can also submit a video along with it which would probably help your chances.

This is not only a great way to highlight the customizability of the Indian Scout Bobber, but a chance to put some spotlight on the builders wrenching in their own garages making their own masterpieces just because it’s what they love to do.