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Timex and James Brand Bring ’80s Flair to a Minimalist’s EDC Dream Set

You can have fun without overcomplicating things.
Timex Ironman X The James Brand Collection
The James Brand

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There are two different camps when it comes to EDC loadouts. In one, you have the folks who go all out and carry all the cool gear they could possibly need under basically any circumstance. In the other, you have the folks who live under the mantra of “less is more” and carry only what they need. Traditionally, the folks in the former seem to have more fun, with all the various options available to them. Timex and James Brand have teamed up to change that tune.

The two styling titans have been partnered together to collaborate on collections that appeal to folks of various lifestyles. Most recently, they came together to give the timeless fitness icon, the Timex Ironman, a rad new color scheme as it’s been inducted into a minimalist’s dream limited-edition collection should they be particularly keen on 1980’s styling. 

What’s the Deal?

The Timex Ironman X James Brand collection is a three-piece set that’s centered around the iconic watch that made its debut in the late 1980s. Its electric yellow case with red buttons and a teal fabric strap all come together to create a very particular vibe that pays homage to the Ironman’s birth era. And because the watch is a favorite among fitness-oriented individuals who like to keep it simple, it’s been paired with a color-matched canvas wallet and pocket knife to round off one’s EDC loadout. 

Timex Ironman X The James Brand Collection

The knife of choice is a lightweight Redstone folding knife. It features a durable one-piece die-stamped chassis with an island grip design. The partially serrated blade, slide-lock, lanyard hole, and pocket clip all come together to create a versatile, easy-to-use pocket knife that will serve you well as an EDC piece. 

The wallet might not be the most extravagant of the batch, but that only further adds to the intended appeal of this kit. It’s a tried-and-true canvas design that’s sure to withstand whatever you get into. Ten pockets and velcro simply ensure whatever you’re keeping in there doesn’t wander away while training. 

All pieces in this collection are available for purchase while supplies last, and can be bundled together or bought separately. The Ironman watch retails for $99, the Redstone knife is also $99, and the canvas wallet sits at $29, bringing the complete set to a total price of $229 before tax on The James Brand’s website. 

Timex Ironman X The James Brand Collection

Can’t go Wrong With Iron Man 

The Ironman watch is the heart of this collection, and though it’s much more vibrant than usual, you still get everything that makes this watch so special. It’s got that countdown timer, 30-lap memory, and customizable alarm to help you keep track of the most rigorous fitness journeys. Legendary durability and water resistance of 100 meters ensures that you’re safe to tackle pretty much anything. 

Though, the element that really makes this cool isn’t the simplistic appeal or wild colors. The fabric of the slip-thru strap on the Ironman in this collection is made with up-cycled ocean-bound plastic, making it an awesome choice for anyone who deems themselves one of nature’s friends, which is basically anyone who’s into the outdoor training that this watch is designed for. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? You going to flex hard on Jocko Willink when it gets you out of bed to train at 3:00 A.M., a whole hour before he even tries to wake up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.