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GFC Built the Strongest Truck Shell and Then Proved It

Because we like everything to be much stronger than it needs to be.
GFFC Platform Topper

We live in a time when most things suffer in quality because manufacturers keep finding ways to cut production costs and inflate profit margins. While it might be a good business tactic, the end result is every garage having a pile of busted products that all looked good on paper. So, stumbling upon something that’s overengineered, such as GoFastCamper’s Platform Topper, is something to get excited about. 

GFC says the Platform Topper is the strongest truck shell in the world, with a load capacity of 800 pounds. To showcase its strength, the team behind it loaded a Ford F-250 on top of the shell mounted to the bed of a Toyota Tacoma. The video is worth a watch, and the topper does survive. It was the Tacoma they were worried about, as the bed rails were at risk of failure. 

The shell is equipped with T-track accessory rails along the top edges. These rails allow you to mount a number of attachments, including a total of four GFC Beef Rack Crossbars. Its aluminum frame is also designed to retain its strength and durability on the trail. The Platform Topper weighs around 135 pounds, which is lighter than many other shells.  

Hinged panels in the aluminum cover provide access to the entire bed. This allows you to grab whatever you need without having to pull everything out or crawl inside to grab what you need.

GFC Platform Topper on Tacoma

This GFC topper is built in Montana and is a custom fit for the Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator, with coverage coming soon to the F-150 . Plans to extend to other popular trucks are in the works as well. As for pricing, it’s not as much as you might expect. The shell shown in the video goes for $3,995. 

The Platform Topper is designed for those who use their trucks professionally or recreationally. Would you run it on your truck? Let us know in the comments.