Front Runner Debuts New Roof Racks, Awnings, and Gear Storage

This Johannesburg, South Africa-based company knows a thing or two about overlanding accessories.

byPeter Nelson|
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Front Runner Outfitters


With off-road adventure travel being all the rage, including camping, overlanding, and really anyone's preferred version of taking to the untamed terra firma, there are more than a few brands ready to respond to enthusiasts' adventure-enabling gear needs. One brand that sticks out to us is Front Runner Outfitters, a South African-based firm that offers products that are not only durable but also look great mounted up to the side of any rig.

A quick perusal of the company's site reveals that it has a big slice of the off-road crowd in mind, whether that’s piloting a Land Cruiser (any series), Land Rover, Jeep Wrangler, Ford truck, or even Mercedes Sprinter. The brand’s specialty is rooted in intuitive roof rack designs and the various accessories that one can mount to them. But there’s so much more and Front Runner is adding to that list with a handful of all-new products we knew we had to cover.

Front Runner Outfitters

Slimline II Roof Rack

This is a neat roof rack, particularly due to it being unobtrusive and sleek. Bulky, massive roof racks are cool and all, but you have to appreciate something that's comparatively smaller and boasts just as much versatility. Plus, massive all-terrain tires and lifted ride heights don't exactly bode well for fuel economy, so you might as well gain some aerodynamic efficiency where you can.

Front Runner boasts that this rack is modular, strong, lightweight, versatile, and durable. This means good versatility, the ability to haul more gear, and the ability to let more light in via removable slats. Hey, if you paid for a massive sunroof in your fresh Land Rover Defender 90 or classic Discovery 1 (and it doesn't leak), take advantage.

Front Runner Outfitters

Easy-Out Awning

As far as all the cool possibilities that roof racks like the Slimline II open up, nothing beats a quality, easy-to-use awning. In our beautiful lower 48, off-road adventures on the left side of the Rockies usually involve off-roading and camping in places where there's little natural cover. That’s especially true if you find yourself in the higher elevations of the Eastern Sierra, a wilderness that we're especially partial to. 

Front Runner's Easy-Out Awning sets up with two people and is designed to be easy to use, quite durable, and also lightweight. Weight up top matters, so the more weight you save here, particularly when it's shifted to one side of the roof, the better. Front Runner says this awning also features spikes on the end for secure ground placement, which extend to a 7.9-foot maximum height for use with taller vehicles, as well as universal mounting hardware for ease of installation on any rack.

Front Runner Outfitters

Wolf Pack Pro

Easy gear organization is key to successful, stress-free travel. Whether you're securing it to a roof rack or stacking it inside the vehicle, Front Runner's Wolf Pack Pro stackable storage boxes are designed to be on-point for anyone's needs. These are the upgraded versions of the brand's Wolf Pack stackable storage boxes and are water- and dust-resistant, made from durable impact resistant plastic, are easy to move around with big handles, and feature massive, secure latches.

To make your life easier, they also offer a sturdy method for tying them down to your rig, and in our experience, staying within a brand's system is generally an easier, less-annoying way to stay organized. Whether you're hauling spare parts, tools, camping equipment, camera equipment, or whatever, these are a brilliantly simple way to do it. We’ll be testing them soon, so stay on the lookout.

These aren't the only products that Front Runner sells—they offer such a wide, all-encompassing variety of products—especially of the rack and storage variety—to make your next expedition a better experience, no matter where it is on our green Earth. They're worth looking into further, and man, we're inspired to do some research about our own camping and overland plans for 2023.

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