The 8 Most Insane Drone Videos

Quadcopters come correct with the most insane footage on the web.

byAndrew Siceloff| UPDATED Jan 25, 2017 3:11 PM
The 8 Most Insane Drone Videos

Raw Freestyle

Is Mr Steele the king of freestyle? That's still up for debate, but this video definitely puts him in the running. This video shows what he is capable of with stock settings on a brand new flight controller. What makes this more amazing is the sticks cam (camera in lower left pointing at his controller, or transmitter) and how blurry those fingers get when he rips.


BanniUK is the ultimate speed champ (and not a bad freestyler too). Winner of the World Drone Prix in Dubai, this teenager shows his skills and repeatable speed on unedited laps at the Drone Champions league

Line of Sight Mayhem

Line of Sight (LOS) flying is really hard. In LOS flying, you control the quadcopter while watching it (instead of a mounted camera), and you have to remember which way is forward, which affect what rolls and flips do, and which direction the quad moves. A simple return back home with having sticks being reverse is difficult for most people, which makes this video insane. quadmovr shows an unholy skill, and control when it comes to Line of Sight flying. We still haven't scraped our jaw off the floor.


This video made the list for a few reasons: amazing location, incredible flying, and gorgeous footage. Gab707 coupled amazing flying with a powerhouse plugin Reel Steady, which stabilizes the footage from a shaky GoPro on a mini quad, to create this cinematic masterpiece. Just sit back and enjoy Switzerland like you've never seen it.


GAPiT FPV is known for long flights where he "Let[s] the Quad Do the Talkin'." No vlogging, just ripping. In this video, he shows off his skills while fearlessly flying his expensive gear over bridges and through ravines.

A Flying Ukulele?

Rotor Riot always comes up with new ways to keep drones interesting. This latest installation is part ingenuity, part great flying. Although FliteTest are probably the reigning champs for amazingly silly builds, but they have never dove a building with one. The Rotor Riot team uses some spare parts, and a great knowledge of PIDs (controllable drone settings), to not only get this Ukulele up in the air, but do some killer tricks too.

Fireworks and Drones

This was just fun. Johnny FPV and WillardFPV, are always great together. This really fun idea, coupled with great flying, is a perfect way to show that you don't to be flying down waterfalls to have a good time. DO NOT TRY AT HOME.

Best Power Loop

This one came to us this morning, and it had to join the list. Karstacus completes the most insane power loop to date. Power loops are especially difficult because, for most of it, you have no frame of reference of how high you are, or how far back you have gone. He has a suspenseful few seconds before conquering this treacherous power loop and zooming back through the bridge.