Stylish (and functional) Fall Motorcycling Kit

Courtesy of Iron & Resin.

byMax Prince|
Stylish (and functional) Fall Motorcycling Kit

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It’s almost November, which means many in our ranks will be packing up their bikes for the winter. Riding through ice and snow isn’t tops, fair. But some of the most scenic, serene and surreal riding is during the late fall. Crisp. Clean. The perfect chance to fuel up, wind through the tress, find a place to camp out for a few hours (or days). Don’t let a little chill end your riding season early.

Iron & Resin’s got you covered. That’s the brainchild of Thom Hill and Jackson Chandler, a couple of Ventura natives, and we’re big fans of their storefront in San Francisco—especially the womenswear—all made in the U.S.A. Yes, I&R does throwback surf apparel and gorgeous knives and barwear. But with temps falling fast, we’re honing in on the stuff that’ll help you eek out every last moment of fall riding.

Iron & Resin: 324 E. Main St., Ventura, CA. (