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The Twofer: Sharp Axe and a Shiny Truck

Put your axe in your Jeep and drive to the woods and connect with trees and your medium-deep thoughts.

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Best Made Co.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, “primitive camping” is defined by a lack of running water, electricity, tables or restrooms. It’s back-country backpacking, and it’s actually legal in most state forests and parks, so long as stay you 150 feet from water, road or trail. Picture the antithesis of Glamping, wherein folks eat Indian take-out sitting in an Airstream. This is Thoreau Lite.

But, you know, updated. Just as Thoreau accepted assistance and supplies from family and friends, employ the talents of this beautiful Hudson Valley Axe, hand-painted by the people at Best Made Co. The handle is Appalachian hickory, the head extra-hard alloy steel and shaped in the Hudson Bay style. These colors might edge towards fancy, but the centuries-old shape is pure and simple. Hack up firewood and play a highly-dangerous, modified version of Stumps.

Same idea with this restored 1987 Jeep Wagoneer, which you’ll be needed to stake your own sweet corner of America’s forests. While the gilded paint job reads a little rich, at heart, this is a trusty truck whose essential design dates to 1962. The four-wheel drive engages with a clunk, and the 360 CID V8 harmonizes beautifully with America’s second favorite sound, the burble of a mountain stream. With an old truck, you’re not pretending to poverty (especially at $53,000), just signalling a zeal for the rustic.

Rumbling into the woods, you might just find a little peace—but more likely bears. Yeah. Lotta bears in the woods…

Wagonmaster Jeep Grand Wagoneers