The Garage Maintenance & Repair

Getting Dirty with the Gotham City Land Cruiser Club

Rusty, greasy project truck hell can be disheartening, but these Land Cruiser maniacs remind us what's so great about these indomitable off-roaders.

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Casting off the chains of greasy drudgery, Preston the Wrench steps towards the light, meeting with the Gotham City Land Cruiser club. This tight-knit band of Land Cruiser aficionados serve as a reminder of why we started this project in the first place: because Land Cruisers are awesome trucks, designed to do awesome things with awesome people. That’s a lot of awesome.

As The Build progresses, it will pay to think back on these happy moments, and what there is to look forward to when the project finally concludes. On that note, four-wheel drive engaged. To the beach!