Design: The Vimble S

Because no one likes a shaky video.

byThe Drive Staff|

Today in Design we take a look at the Vimble S.

We all love taking videos with our iPhones but ninety percent of the time the final production is a shaky two minutes of questionable focus and no dramatic effect.

However, when you integrate a stabilizing feature into your filming, any video becomes infinitely more intriguing. Whether you are filming your daughter’s violin lesson or a video series for The Drive, the Vimble S utilizes a 3-axis stabilization system to effortlessly track your subject and keep even the most action-packed sequence stable and in focus.

Rather than falling privy to a forty-five minute runtime, the Vimble S will run for eight hours at a time, eliminating the frustrating brakes required to recharge our replace your gimble.

Finally, you don’t need to be a genius to setup the Vimble S. All you have to do is place the camera on the mount, turn on the Vimble S and shoot. Long story short, the Vimble S is a worth while purchase if you are looking to enhance your video game.