The Women and Wheels Project

Sarah Vaun showcases the females who ride, wrench, and race. 

byMax Prince|
Culture photo


The culture is unifying. Cars, motorcycles, trucks. Get a couple of enthusiasts in a room, and get them talking wheels, and any walls that separate us come down. Fast. But, for a sect that’s draw is inherently inclusive, we’ve got a major blind spot when it comes to the women in our ranks.

Sarah Vaun knows a thing or two about that. She’s a photographer, and has been riding and wrenching for over a decade. Still, she found herself in hostile territory as a female enthusiast in online discussion groups. So she started a new Facebook group, which evolved The Bleeders, one of Chicago’s preeminent motorcycle clubs for female riders. 

"Andrea and the Kiddos ~ 1972 Honda cb350"

, Sarah Vaun via

Vaun, now based in Milwaukee, describes her latest photo series as “showcasing women who ride, wrench, and race.” That means dirt bikes, café racers, hot rods, choppers, trucks, demolition derby—hell, even roller derby. The approach is neat, the compositions are striking, and the subject matter is on-point.

"Nicole - 1953 F100"

, Sarah Vaun via

The aptly titled Women and Wheels Project is showing at the Beauty & Brawn art gallery in Chicago until September 2. If you’re in the Windy City, swing by and check it out. If you’re not, check out some of the selects at Sarah Vaun’s website here, and follow the project on Instagram.


Beauty & Brawn is located at 3501 W. Fullerton, Logan Square, in Chicago, Illinois. For more info about this and other exhibitions call 773.772.9808.