A Cosworth Engine Coffee Table Your Living Room Definitely Needs

Is that your heartbeat, or the coffee table that I hear?

Cosworth Engine Coffee Table
Silverstone Auctions

Face it: That NORNÄS coffee table you’ve been hauling from apartment to apartment since senior year of college is starting to look a little ratty. It’s seen you through three girlfriends, five jobs (in two separate careers), and more drunken 2 a.m. Big Macs than you want to admit. You’re a grownup now; you ought to have some adult decor.

So toss that pressed-wood piece of crap to the curb and buy yourself this coffee table made out of a Cosworth V8.

Silverstone Auctions

And best of all, this chrome powdercoated 3.5-liter coffee table comes with a winning pedigree—the XG engine on which it’s based powered its way to three victories during the the 2003 IndyCar season in the hands of Sam Hornish Jr. The glass panel that transforms the block from “useless hunk of metal in your living room” to “coffee table” is held aloft by four pistons, and suction cups hold the tabletop in place. (It also means you can easily swap in a new sheet of glass if you forget how big it is and accidentally fall on top of it in the middle of the night.)

This Cosworth coffee table hits the auction block on February 28 at Silverstone Auctions’ Race Retro Classic Car Sale, so you’d better register to bid as soon as possible. (Bidding on the lot starts at 10:30 a.m. GMT [5:30 a.m. EST], so be ready to wake up early this weekend.) The table is expected to sell for around $850–$1130. That’s certainly pricier than most of the pieces you’d find at IKEA, but hey, no VITTSJÖ has ever won an IndyCar race.

Silverstone Auctions