Seriously, You Need to Jump on AntLux Garage Lights for 20% Off Before Black Friday Sales Disappear

You’re going to need these to make use of all the other gadgets you picked up

byHank O'Hop|
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It's really easy to get taken up by all the killer tool deals on Black Friday as a gearhead. There might not be many savings on go-fast parts, but the means to pop them on with ease and for a bargain more than makes up for it. No matter how nice the tools are that you buy are, though, they aren't doing you any favors if you can't see what you're doing. That's why you should consider the deal Amazon's running on some trick garage lights — Alright, maybe calling these AntLux LED lights trick is a stretch, but they'll certainly brighten things up.

These 4-foot LED lights cast a crisp 4000K neutral white at 8,600 Lumens. You definitely won't be squinting at your micrometer with these bad boys in place. Right now, they're going for 20% off, which lands each light just shy of $80.

You do the math on how many you need and what it'll run you, but we guarantee the final price for LED garage lighting is less now than it'll be any other time of the year. Just don't wait, because "any other time of the year" is coming in hot.

Here's the link you need to brighten your life: