Shop This Killer Swag Sale from The Drive, The War Zone, and Car Bibles Today

Show your devotion to your favorite websites with one of these fantastic t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

byJon Langston|
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You love The Drive. You read The Drive, and you need The Drive. Why not shout it from the rooftops? Or at least, the sidewalk or paddock. Show your passion for your favorite automotive website—and its sister publications, Car Bibles and The War Zone—with a fancy-pants t-shirt, on sale through Sunday, July 25.

For a limited time, you can pick up some killer swag representing The Drive, Car Bibles, and The War Zone at Blipshift, the online automotive t-shirt design store. Blipshift is a bunch of gearheads and car enthusiasts just like us, so they get our twisted sense of humor. As these t-shirts clearly reflect this.

Right now, Blipshift has four of our new t-shirt designs to choose from. And they come in a slew of different options, like Men’s Fitted Tees ($20), Men’s Heavy Duty Tees ($22), Men’s Premium Tri-Blend Tees ($25), Men’s Long Sleeve Ts ($25), Hoodies ($40), Women’s Tees ($20), Women’s Tanks ($20), Youth Tees ($20), and Posters ($27). A War Zone-exclusive "Fly the Snake" Ringer T ($25) is also available, as are TWZ face masks ($16).

For us here at The Drive, Blipshift is offering up a revved-up twist an iconic rock n' roll design. It's our take on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' asterisk logo, but without that annoying band name (you can take that however you'd like).

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The Red Hot Brake Rotors design for The Drive comes in black, and it's awesome. You can get it in men's or ladies' cuts, and in fitted, heavy-gauge cotton, and other varieties. The poster is super-cool for garages (and home studios). We particularly like the hoodie above! It costs $40.

Also available in a plain black tee, as well as ladies tees and hoodies., Blipshift

Our friends at The War Zone get the cool Ringer t-shirt design ($25). But the "Fly the Snake" logo gets the full Blipshift treatment with posters, hoodies, ladies tees, and the like. Inspired by the legendary exploits of real (fake) American hero Doug Masters, rock this bad boy and you'll be spewing Chappy Sinclair aphorisms in no time. 


The heathens over at Car Bibles show their devotion with this Holy Trinity design, praising the only three saviors a car zealot will ever need: a bundle of zip ties, a can of WD-40, and a few rolls of duct tape. Pick one up today and let the world know you're a true believer.

This sale only lasts until Sunday, July 25, so if you want to score the best swag you'll ever own, the time to act is now.