Everything You Need to Know About Ferrari’s Factory Warranty

The pros and cons of the Italian automaker’s basic warranty

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Are you thinking about getting a new Ferrari? Whether you want the 812 GTS, F8 Spider, Roma, Portofino, or another model, you will be protected by a new car warranty for a specific length of time based on the vehicle’s age and mileage.

The Ferrari factory warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship, so you don’t get stuck with a hefty repair bill when something goes wrong. For more details about Ferrari’s new vehicle limited warranty, check out our guide below. 

Warranty At-A-Glance

  • Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage: 3 years or unlimited mileage 
  • Powertrain Coverage: 3 years or unlimited mileage
  • Roadside Assistance: Yes
  • Transferability: Yes


  • Coverage is nearly comprehensive
  • Includes a seven-year free maintenance program
  • Warranty is transferable to a subsequent owner


  • Warranty coverage is rather short in duration
  • No added perks besides roadside assistance
  • Free maintenance program has strict guidelines


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Warranty In-Depth

When you purchase a new Ferrari, it comes with a three-year/unlimited mileage factory warranty. Unlike some automakers that provide separate bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties, the luxury sports car manufacturer bundles both types of coverage into one. 

The Ferrari commercial warranty covers nearly all major components inside and outside the vehicle. This includes everything from the electrical system and exterior parts as well as the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Labor is also provided free of charge. The warranty begins on the date that the vehicle is registered, and it is transferable to a private owner. 

If you are unsatisfied with the three-year duration of the warranty, you have the opportunity to purchase two years of extended bumper-to-bumper coverage or a new powertrain warranty. Should your new Ferrari break down due to a factory defect, all repairs must be carried out at an authorized Ferrari dealer or service center.

Maintenance Program

If you buy or lease a new Ferrari California T, 488 GTB, FF, GTC4Lusso, F12berlinetta, Ferrari 458, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale or California, the vehicle comes with seven years of complimentary scheduled maintenance services. Ferrari's genuine maintenance program is an industry first. 

The seven-year maintenance program is transferable to another owner and includes scheduled maintenance labor as well as original spare parts, engine oil, and brake fluid.

To comply with the program, Ferrari owners must take their vehicles to a Ferrari dealership annually for inspection by Ferrari-trained personnel. Technicians use factory-approved, dedicated diagnostic equipment to service each vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance must be performed on the same day as the start date of the new car limited warranty or every 12,500 miles. This check on Ferrari's performance is essential to keeping the sports cars in working order. If you miss a service, the maintenance package service will no longer be provided free of charge.

Additional Coverage

All new Ferraris also come with 24-hour roadside assistance. If you experience a mechanical issue, Ferrari will assist with towing (up to 100 miles) to the closest Ferrari dealership. You will also receive help for a dead battery, flat tire, fuel delivery, key lock outs, and more. 

The Ferrari Roadside Assistance program includes an app that is designed to streamline the process, making it faster and more convenient. When using the app, you can select a preferred dealer as a default service destination and use GPS, maps, and satellite to identify your broken down vehicle's location.

What We Like

What’s great about Ferrari’s basic warranty is that it is nearly comprehensive in its coverage. No matter what goes wrong with your sports car, if the problem is related to a factory defect then it will likely be repaired or replaced free of charge during the lifespan of the warranty.

Another excellent feature is complimentary maintenance for seven years. Imported luxury sports cars can be costly to maintain, so this program can save you a lot of money. Plus, it ensures that your vehicle is in and stays in good operating condition.

Ferrari also provides 24-hour roadside assistance, which can be very helpful if your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down. Finally, both the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance programs are fully transferable to another owner, which can boost the car’s resale value. 

What We Don’t Like

One of the drawbacks of Ferrari’s new vehicle limited warranty is the length of coverage. Even though it’s longer than the industry standard of three years/36,000 miles, it’s still rather short. Also, most automakers provide longer powertrain warranties, whereas Ferrari combines both powertrain and bumper-to-bumper coverage under one umbrella. 

Should something happen to vital components such as the engine or transmission outside the scope of the basic warranty, you can potentially face exorbitant repair bills unless you opt to purchase an extended warranty.

As for the maintenance program, you must religiously take your car in for service each year or the program will become null and void. Also, it doesn’t apply to special limited-production Ferrari models. 

In addition, the automaker doesn’t provide any additional perks outside of roadside assistance. Some competitors provide services such as trip-interruption benefits, rental car reimbursement, and concierge assistance. 


Q. How much is a Ferrari warranty? 

A. All brand-new Ferraris come standard with a basic warranty that’s included in the purchase price. Should you decide to extend the bumper-to-bumper warranty, you will have to pay for the extra coverage.

Q. How long is a Ferrari warranty?

A. A Ferrari factory warranty is three years/unlimited miles. Owners have the option of extending the bumper-to-bumper warranty an additional two years or purchasing an extended warranty for added protection.

Q. What does a Ferrari warranty cover?

A. Ferrari’s factory warranty covers nearly every component in the sports car should it experience a factory-related defect. 

Is Ferrari’s Warranty Worth It?

Like many other sports car manufacturers, Ferrari’s basic three-year warranty isn’t particularly long in duration (but it beats a rival like Lamborghini by offering unlimited mileage). Since most factory defects surface within the first couple of years of a vehicle’s service life, you should be adequately protected should something go wrong.

If you have your heart set on a new Ferrari, its factory warranty program should provide more than enough protection. And if you want additional peace of mind, you can always purchase an extended warranty, known as the New Power15, to set your mind at ease. 

More Information

Here are a few more resources you can use:

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