MG E-Motion Concept Revealed, Will Hit Production in 2020

The gorgeous British coupe will be powered by electricity.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Apr 20, 2017 8:39 AM
MG E-Motion Concept Revealed, Will Hit Production in 2020

Announced at the Shanghai Auto Show, MG's E-Motion Concept two-door aims to reach production in about three years' time—and will be powered by a plug-in electric system that's been developed in-house. 

The British automaker says the sprint to 62 mph will take "less than four seconds," while the car will offer over 310 miles of range. MG also goes on to assure us that the new car will have an "intelligent infotainment system" and will be "fully internet-compatible", surely making it irresistible to the youths. 

According to MG Head of Sales and Marketing Matthew Cheyne, the E-Motion concept not only previews a future 2+2 sports car, but the future direction of the entire MG brand. Talking to Autocar, Cheyne says the production E-Motion will be priced under £30,000 (or about $38,000, at today's exchange rates). He goes on to give a projected release window of "around 2020" if reception from this year's show in Shanghai was positive enough—which, apparently, it was. 

While, to my eyes, the MG E-Motion concept does look great, most of its design elements can too easily be attributed to some other manufacturer—most notably a side profile strikingly similar to an Aston Martin. If you're gonna imitate, you might as well imitate the best, I guess.