The Ford EcoSport Features Super Strong Cargo Carrier

It can hold up to 700 pounds, and it weighs only 6.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Feb 22, 2017 2:42 PM
The Ford EcoSport Features Super Strong Cargo Carrier

Ford is looking to bring some European flavor to the American market with their EcoSport CUV. It's a practical ute that employs compact space to promote efficiency while remaining usable in the real world. Whereas we normally have a taste for large vehicles to do the handywork for us, the EcoSport could be a welcomed change. One way Ford plans on flexing its muscle with the CUV is their newly designed cargo shelf, one that has a special honeycomb construction that punches way above its weight class.

To add to the unconventional design, it's built with recycled paper. It's bonded with water-based glue and resin and can support 700 pounds. The unique structure takes cues from nature, making it small yet mighty. It's only three feet long and two feet wide, meaning you can store as much as you can fit without having to worry about the strength of the material. 

Here, you can see the shelf at work. It displays the shelf's ability to hold a significant amount of weight without flexing, keeping the carton of eggs safe. Things like this make the EcoSport a smart choice for consumers as we'll be sure to find similar innovations throughout the compact.