Alfa Romeo Showed Up at the Super Bowl With 3 Big Ads

What bigger stage than the Super Bowl for Alfa Romeo to show off the new Giulia and boast about its American comeback?

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Feb 6, 2017 4:16 PM
Alfa Romeo Showed Up at the Super Bowl With 3 Big Ads

Alfa Romeo pushed its brand even further into the American consciousness in last night's Super Bowl LI. The company had commercials airing left and right, putting its product on display to millions with such style and passion in a way that only Alfa can. Not only that, but it also sponsored the game's half-time reports, setting them once again at center stage. All of these add up to the brand's comeback to the U.S. market, and it looks like this could be a great first step towards a successful campaign for years to come.

The first ad, dubbed "Riding Dragons", plays on ethos. It tells of flying cars and our perception of strength, leading into their ardent description of the new Giulia. The quote "balance isn't found; it's created" harkens on the company's history, showing their pedigree of sports performance. In 60 seconds, the manufacturer strongly executed their play and got us all thinking of what it'd be like to own an Alfa Romeo of our own.

This one minute film, named "Dear Predictable" is another bid for your emotions. The Giulia is shown ripping down backroads, being personified by writing a letter to Predictable itself. This commercial is too fervent to be German, a great aspect that Alfa offers over its other European competition. After this, how could you not want to rip through the Alps in a Giulia?

Lastly, "Mozzafiato" rounds out the list with a quick 30 second banter. In Italian, the term loosely means "take your breath away", something that seems a bit generic. But as the ad advances, you see that the Giulia not only takes your breath away, but is also the only one to give it back. Poetic, isn't it?