BMW and Nissan Co-Op Brings Host of EVgo Fast Chargers to US

Going electric just got more convenient.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 28, 2017 8:19 AM
BMW and Nissan Co-Op Brings Host of EVgo Fast Chargers to US

BMW and Nissan originally partnered up in 2015 with the company EVgo to set up more fast-charging stations in America. Since then, they've introduced 174 to our grid with 50 more planned for 2017. This is a significant contribution that's available to all EV owners (we're looking at you, Tesla).

These new EVgo stations will be accessible for nearly all electric cars in production today. They all feature SAE Combo (CCS) and CHAdeMO plugs, taking the worry out of finding the right station for your setup. Each station will have 50 kW DC fast-charging capabilities, helping to speed up the process so you can get on with your every day commute. Those coming in 2017 will be placed in similar spots as those that are already built, focusing on “convenient, well-traveled routes” like shopping malls.

All in all, this grows the number of EVgo "fill-ups" significantly. With the construction of these 174 new stations, the company now boasts a fleet of 668 fast chargers across the country. They've had a big hand in making electric cars more convenient and their recharging more accessible for owners of all brands. JeSean Hopkins, senior manager, Nissan EV Infrastructure Strategy & Business Development says “Infrastructure for all is a key strategic priority for us as we continue expanding the network of dual-port quick chargers across the country ... We look forward to ongoing teamwork and the continued build-out of public quick-charge stations.”

This effort is set up to largely benefit BMW and Nissan customers and owners. The partnership's end goal is to allow at least 90 percent of i3 and Leaf owners access to charging ports close to their home and throughout the country. This allows them to do away with range anxiety and making things more convenient for them, no matter the situation.