Tesla Releases Supercharger Fee Costs

Models ordered after January 15 will need to pay to use the nationwide charging grid.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Tesla Releases Supercharger Fee Costs

Tesla announced recently that their Supercharger Network would no longer be free to all users. They stated that they will begin charging an idle fee to those who leave their vehicle plugged in after its fully charged, and now, those who order their Tesla after January 15 will be allowed 400 kWh of free charging annually. Once that allotment is up, owners will have to pay for time connected to the power grid.

Though this takes some panache away from the Supercharger concept, it was inevitable. The number of Tesla cars on the road have grown exponentially, making it a no-brainer for the company. An electric fill up will still be cheaper than gasoline, though, retaining its major selling point to consumers. Tesla said that a a cross-country trip from New York to Los Angeles would only cost you around $120, which is certainly more affordable than paying for fuel or flying. Exact charging costs vary depending on your local regulations and fees.

Idle fees total up to $0.40 per minute once the car has reached full charge. If the vehicle is left plugged in, occupying the spot once its juices are topped off, you'll then begin racking up the costs. Tesla does allow a five minute grace period, allowing you to move the vehicle and waive any charges if you do so within the time limit. Worries will be eased once Autopilot advances, autonomously pulling your car away from the charging station once completed. These efforts are intended to aid the availability of the nationwide charging system.

The additional funds of this project will help grow the Supercharger Network. Tesla looks to improve accessibility and squeeze in as many charging stations as possible -- this will help with that. Although they are becoming a common sight in coastal and urban cities, it's still rare to see one in the wild of Middle America. This would make the concept more convenient, helping more customers utilize this benefit of Tesla ownership.