Dodge’s Entire Lineup Now Features AWD

From muscle cars to SUVs, you shouldn’t have to worry about traction.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:50 PM
Dodge’s Entire Lineup Now Features AWD

With the recent introduction of the Challenger GT, every vehicle in the Dodge fleet has the option to spin all four wheels. That's a claim not even Subaru can make, and they've made built their whole history on the equipment. Dodge recently took all of their models to Alaska, showcasing their offroad capabilties in worse terrains than you will probably ever need them for. 

The company has plans of expanding the use of their all wheel drive systems in the future. Whereas the GT is the first AWD Challenger, they also claimed that the tech may soon be found in performance models as well. The SUVs are close relatives to their Jeep relatives, so they needn't be second guessed anyhow.

Does this put Dodge in a class of their own? Sort of. It does give them a unique selling point, especially when compared to the rest of Detroit's Big Three.