This Rig Redefined What a FJ Resto-Mod Should Be

What do you get when you mix Toyota FJs from 1974 and 2008? This!

byEvan Yates|
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When it comes to classic vehicles, we’ve become a bit spoiled. We absolutely adore the aesthetics of a vintage automobile but after enjoying what a modern vehicle has to offer, it’s difficult to revert back - even if it’s your Sunday driver. Thankfully, restoration outfits like Time Warp Customs in Alpharetta, GA have a passion for providing the ultimate rigs by combining the best attributes of yesteryear and today. 

Time Warp Customs

The Toyota FJ has a famed history and religious following. In its first generation, it was officially known as the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series and was produced from 1960 – 1984. The FJ40 series was the most popular as it came equipped with the 3.9-liter, six-cylinder F engine which was known for gobs of low-end torque and dependability. And as wonderful as these machines were, they simply don’t measure up to today’s comfort and capability standards but are celebrated nonetheless.

Time Warp Customs

When the Toyota FJ Cruiser sprouted back up in late 2006 as a 2007 model, its vintage styling and off-road prowess continued the FJ40's momentum. And even though the FJ Cruiser has since been discontinued, they are highly-sought after. In some cases, a pristine, low-mileage FJ Cruiser today could be more expensive than it would have been brand new. If you have one, hang on to it!

Time Warp Customs

Time Warp Customs, who has a few high-profile builds under their belts jumped on the opportunity to merge the old with the new in creating the ultimate FJ. Creative Director at Time Warp, Adam Richmond came across an old 1974 FJ40 project someone had lost interest in and his wheels started turning. It didn’t take long for Adam to locate a 2008 FJ Cruiser with moderate front end damage and began the marriage of the two.

Time Warp Customs

Virtually the only thing salvaged from the older FJ was the body itself, the rest was discarded. Everything underneath and inside this fantastic FJ creation is from the modern FJ Cruiser which in turn, means it’s much more powerful, capable and reliable than its predecessor. For more on the build including process pics, follow the link here!

It probably doesn’t need to be said but mating two vehicles such as these isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it’s quite expensive. But can you truly put a price tag on such an exclusive vehicle? Perhaps. This particular FJ is currently featured at Gateway Classic Cars for a cool $115,000. Check below for their full video of the vehicle and hit up Gateway or Time Warp for more info!