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A Hellcat in Italy? Hell Yes. The Grand Tour’s Third Episode Looks Promising

Is this a mea culpa for last week’s nonsense?

Last week, episode 2 of The Grand Tour dropped and it, uh, wasn’t great. Jeremy Clarkson flippantly took to their new social media platform to let us know that he didn’t care much and that future episodes would feature more cars. This week’s episode looks like a glorious return to peak Clarkson, Hammond and May. So. Much. Car. *Drools*

Our traveling trio heads home, as it were, to pitch their tent in the English town of Whitby, and yes, we’ll finally get some grand footage of Clarkson’s house being blown to smithereens as he pays his debt for incorrectly backing the McLaren P1 as the fastest hypercar in Episode 1. Can’t wait for that. But more importantly, the cars! All the glorious cars!

There’s an Italian road trip that sees Clarkson behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB11, James May captaining a Rolls Royce Dawn and Richard Hammond opts for some classic American metal: the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We’re looking forward to listening to that throaty 707-horsepower monster shout loudly at all the Italians.

Check out the third episode trailer below. The show should hit Amazon Prime around 7 P.M. on Thursday EST.