New Ford Bronco Could be Developed in Australia

Could Detroit’s next jacked up SUV be made down under?

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Nov 15, 2016 5:12 PM
New Ford Bronco Could be Developed in Australia

The rumor of the new-age Ford Bronco may have just gained some more actualization. It has been reported that the retro SUV may now be developed in Australia, a landscape that could assuredly put the truck's abilities to the test. With renders and new details coming seemingly every day, the puzzle pieces are slowly starting to come together for the revival of this American classic. So, what does this announcement mean for the production of the Bronco?

Ford has always had a presence in Australia. They've had one of the most bitter rivalries in all of motorsport with the Aussie GM manufacturer Holden, a fight that is hashed out between die-hards of each brand daily. However, Holden recently halted production, leaving for much still to be desired for many. Ford has since shut down its manufacturing plant in Australia, designating it solely for vehicle development. The harsh terrain of the Outback is historically a favorite for offroaders with its rocky turf and relentless conditions. Although we don't have many of the Bronco's specifics, this new information leads one to believe that it will bring back the same go-anywhere character of its predecessor.

Expect to see many of Ford's new practices carry on to the Bronco. Almunimum bodies are becoming a staple in the Ford truck lineup, so it's only reasonable to anticipate the same in the next few years. With the Bronco being based on the forthcoming Ranger, it will be smaller than in the past. The company's continued expansion of Ecoboost engines may also find their way into each of the new models, providing plenty of that low-end torque that you need for tow-duty as well as sticky off road situations. Since the Bronco won't be here until at least 2020, there's still plenty of time for new innovations in the Ford arsenal.

As we hear more news about the Bronco, it will help us visualize the overall picture for the highly anticipated comeback. It's been all but comfirmed by the boys at Ford Motor Company, so expect a lot of info once it's officialy released from the brand. We will continue to keep you updated on its status, so check in for more as we learn more about this exciting resurgence in Ford's lineup!