Honda Releases More Info on the Clarity Fuel Cell

The alternative to the alternative gains traction towards production. 

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Oct 28, 2016 8:43 PM
Honda Releases More Info on the Clarity Fuel Cell

If EV's just don't do it for you, then the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell gives you another eco-friendly option to choose from. Honda has been tinkering with the Clarity for several years, and we're now starting to see the idea come into fruition with this year's model. Cheap fuel paired with long range makes for a nice substitute to the electric norm.  Coming in winter of this year, the Clarity will be the third fuel cell vehicle available in America alongside the similarly fitted Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Mirai. 

Straying away from the plug in craze, this Clarity model will utilize Compressed Natural Gas to propel itself for up to 366 miles. You may also notice that this is a larger range than any electric vehicle; that's on purpose. Honda, alongside Toyota, has put in the effort over the last 5 years to prove that Fuel Cell cars are a viable alternative to the use of fossil fuels. The Clarity personifies these efforts by giving you the benefits of driving green as well as convenience and comfort. To begin its production run, Clarity models will be sold exclusively in California, where CNG fill ups are easy to find and emission restricitions are the strictest. Fuel Cell vehicles face the same difficulties as EV's did in the early years of start up; limited fill up opportunities as well as limited support from the public. As the years go on, expect to see these testing grounds venture out to more urban areas across the country as backing expands.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Powerplant

 The main focus of the Clarity is to provide comfortable transportation with a low carbon footprint. Interior space is improved in this model year as Honda has compacted the size of the fuel cell by 33 percent while upping power density by a substantial 60 percent. This gives plenty of room for five passengers to sit easily without sacrificng the creature comforts that you expect in a modern Honda. A stylish center stack with buttons instead of levers keeps the interior of the Clarity up to date by today's standards. All of this packaged together with a sleek touch screen infotainment system makes for a snug package that keeps up the high-tech theme inside and out. Innovation is always at its peak in the auto industry, and the Japanese giant has displayed that with the 2017 Clarity. 

As we seemingly always hear about Tesla in the news for advancements in electricity, it's refreshing to hear that other manufacturers are still focused on proposing unique methods to lower emissions. Honda has developed the fuel cell concept to a point where range goes uncompromised, along with industry standard amenities.  The Clarity will gain two siblings in the next year or so -- one being a plug in hybrid, the other solely electric to keep up with the trend; however, Honda won't be forgetting about CNG anytime soon. This should be a meaningful step toward cleaner autos for the future -- hooray for hydrogen!