Drive Wire: The Grand Tour‘s Opening Scene Could Be the Priciest in TV History

A $3 million extravaganza to launch the next stage of Clarkson & Co.’s careers.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Oct 5, 2016 6:14 PM

Hey there. Will Sabel Courtney here for Drive Wire on The Drive.

The opening scene of The Grand Tour, the new Amazon Prime TV show from the former cast of Top Gear,could be the most expensiving opening of any TV show ever, according to a report from the British tabloid The Sun.

The opening scene, shot in the California desert last month, reportedly cost more than $3 million dollars to make.

Hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond reportedly drove red, white, and blue Ford Mustangs, while a fleet of supercars and bizarre custom rides worth more han twenty million dollars pursued them.

An anonymous source described the scene to The Drive as "Mad Max-style." Sounds about right to us.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer to see this scene for ourselves. The Grand Tour’s first episode debuts on Amazon Prime on November 18.

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