Driving The Dinan S3

If we built a BMW M235i, it would leave a corner like this.

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As BMW tuners go, Dinan's esteem is hard-earned. They've been modifying Bimmers for so long, some people think they're a Munich factory shop. Like //M, or Alpina.

But no. They're fully independent. Although ur-tuner Steve Dinan recently sold the Morgan Hill, California company that bears his name, those at the helm are still turning out well-rounded projects, like their S3 package, which transforms the nimble, mild-mannered M235i into a raging beast of a turbo car.

A bit of suspension tightening helps, too, making the S3 feel more sparkly than the stock M235i. And at around 10 grand all in, it's one of the best bang-per-buck tuning jobs you can get and still drive away with a warranty.

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