Mazda Makes Its Millionth Miata and the F-Pace Gets a Pricetag: The Evening Rush

Plus, 5.11 Tactical’s reliable backpack and Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers.

Mazda Makes Its Millionth Miata and the F-Pace Gets a Pricetag: The Evening Rush


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The 2017 Audi TT RS made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show. Featuring an aggressive body kit and a 2.5L 5-cylinder 400hp engine, the TT RS will launch to 60mph in a mere 3.7 seconds. In order to stop this mini rocketship, Audi is offering optional carbon ceramic brakes, as well as magnetic ride dampers.

Slow clap for Mazda as they built their millionth MX-5 Miata on April 22. The beloved little sports car has become a fan favorite among racing clubs, teenagers, the elderly—just about everyone. After 27 years, the Miata is more popular than ever and well on its way to a permanent place in our collective automotive heart.

Pricing on the Jaguar F-Pace has finally been released by Jaguar, stated at $43k-$50k. The F-Pace comes with two different powertrains, both V6s. One makes 340hp, the other a healthy 380hp, just like in the F-Type.



Weather you are carrying lifesaving gear or just on a weekend hike, a reliable backpack is everything. With that logic in mind, 5.11 Tactical made their Rush24 Backpack with plenty of pockets and Velcro accessory application points, so you're never left down on the gear you need.

Now, helmets can do more than protect your noggin. The Lazer Z1 helmet is officially stepping up the game by integrating a heart-rate monitor that uses—you guessed it—lasers.



Today’s beer pick takes us to Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers in Farmingham, Massachusetts. Founded by three brothers in 2011, this young brewery has tripled in size over five short years. We recommend you get your hands on their Hoponius Union India Pale Lager.

Over the past few years, Bonobos has gained some serious traction in the men’s fashion world with quality pants. Now, they're expanding to swim trunks. Their Surfside Board Short is the perfect blend of cool and modest: a 7” inseam and classic stripes shows off the quads while maintaining an elegant vibe.