The PITTA is 3 in 1: Drone, Handheld Action-Cam, and Security Camera

Meet the PITTA, a Kickstarter project asking traditional drones to be more versatile.

For many of us, drones weren’t the first camera-equipped gadgets in our lives. Everyone’s journey is personal. For me, it started with a MiniDV camera before it came to DSRLs, and eventually, the surprising need to buy a Go-Pro. It was only thereafter that the fixation on drones—4K capable cameras that could also actually fly—began to take hold. Even though we all have smartphones in our pockets and are ready to snap a photo in a second’s notice, it’s always bugged me that the high definition camera built into my UAV was relegated to aerial use only. Why couldn’t I take this thing out and record 4K footage on the go? Well, it seems like the PITTA drone, a Kickstarter project by Eyedea Inc. and founded on the same train of thought, has begun to garner interest from the public.

According to the press release, the PITTA is a “transformative, autonomous drone” that is selling itself as three items in one. Naturally, this is a camera-drone, so it’s engineered to support a 15-minute flight time, 4K video at 30 frames per second, and GPS/GLONASS functions. Though the fairly short period of flight time may dissuade you at first, the PITTA speaks to those of us who’d also like to use their drone cameras as portable Go-Pro-esque action-cams. This is where that “transformative” descriptor comes in—no, it wasn’t just flowery hyperbole. 

The PITTA in drone form., Eyedea Inc.

Reportedly, the PITTA can easily be turned from UAV to handheld action-cam simply by snapping the magnetically attached drone gear off. That’s it, you’re now carrying a portable action-cam capable of 4K video. Oh, it’s also a security camera. If you’re so inclined, you simply dock the PITTA onto its stationary charging cradle and let it watch over your home while you’re out. 

The PITTA on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey., Eyedea Inc.

As you might’ve guessed, the PITTA’s drone-related functions are comprised of the bare minimum of today’s recreational camera-drone features. That doesn’t necessarily rid the PITTA of its entire appeal, but it sure would be nice if there was one surprise feature in here, aside from its mechanical design. Basically, you’ve got your cinematic circling and panorama modes, a follow-me function that utilizes visual recognition to identify its target, and the ability to avoid basic obstacles and structures as it does so. It can also return to you immediately through a “come home” feature we’re all familiar with. Of course, the project’s Kickstarter page has a video that visualizes all of this for us, so feel free to take a look at that. 

I’ve only purchased two drones this year, so I’m due for another. I’m always dubious when it comes to Kickstarter projects, but this is one I’d like to keep my eye on. The ability to easily carry this thing to the park, command it to land, and then continue using it like a Go-Pro is just too enticing for me to dismiss this off-hand. Oh, and you can mount this to your bike, too, thanks to the standard 3-pole-hole standard (most notably used by Go-Pro). Frankly, I might even start recording the goings on of my apartment with this thing while I’m not there. 

Currently, the campaign has surpassed its goal of $50,000 with 44 days left to go. Where this project goes from here is anyone’s guess, though the company is hoping to deliver the first PITTAs to customers as early as April of 2018, provided you cough up $269. Are you interested in this at all, or even a potential Kickstarter supporter? If so, chime in below and let us know your thoughts on this “transformative, autonomous drone” and what appeals or dissuades you from this new, seemingly versatile drone.