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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Luxury Car Lovers

These luxury car-branded gifts are also extremely useful.

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We just rounded up what to get the truck-lover for Christmas, but what do you get the car-obsessed? They are a pickier bunch. Whether it’s your Lambo-owning best friend or your Mercedes-driving mother, there is something for every luxury car owner.

For the Lamborghini Lover

A denim-looking scarf inspired by the Huracàn. A 2018 Huracàn will set you back $200,000, but you can grab this scarf for under $200.

The modal and cashmere piece is a steal at $121 and features a sketch of the Huracàn model and the Lamborghini emblem.

The scarf is shown on a male model, but its soft fabric and tasteful blue color also make it suitable for the Lambo-driving female.

If you are feeling extra generous, Lamborghini also recently released a collection of clothing, suitcases, and sneakers created by Italian fashion designers. The collection ranges from $115 for a polo shirt to $7,000 for a carbon fiber briefcase.

The modal and cashmere scarf inspired by the Lamborghini Huracàn., Lamborghini Store

For the Audi-Loving Techie

This flashlight and power bank hybrid is perfect for the Audi driver who is always on the go. They can charge their phone and use the flashlight when camping or in an emergency situation.

It features a lithium-ion battery and a sleek black design with screen-printed Audi rings on the handle. This practical gift is only $30.

The Audi flashlight and power bank combo., Audi Collection USA

For the Friend with an AMG GLE SUV

A Mercedes–themed Monopoly game is sure to win over friends and family. In this limited-edition game, you can buy cars instead of property, and make your way around the board buying car parts and paying insurance. The game is $65, and game pieces include a wheel rim, an F1 race car, a helmet, a Gullwing car, a crest, an engine, and a helmet.

Mercedes-AMG, which produces the brand’s best-performing and most expensive models, released the game to honor its 50-year anniversary.

The Mercedes-AMG-themed monopoly game.,

For the Loyal Lexus Driver

This black leather card case, part of a collaboration with TUMI, is sleek and modern, just like any Lexus vehicle. It’s made of Nappa leather, a luxurious material used on car seats and designer handbags, and features an embossed Lexus logo. This piece, at $78, is perfect for the minimalist man who likes to carry a few credit cards and cash without the hassle of a wallet.

TUMI, a luggage brand sold at Nordstrom, Macy’s and, Bloomingdale’s started its partnership with Lexus in 2014 to commemorate its 25th anniversary. TUMI also partnered with MINI in 2011 to design the interiors and exteriors of concept cars.

The Lexus leather card case, created by TUMI. , Lexus Collection

For the BMW Devotee

These 3D-printed cookie cutterscan cut fruit, cookie dough, and sandwich bread. They are shaped like the classic circular BMW logo and come in a variety of sizes from 2-6 inches. Extremely budget-friendly, they range from $5.50-$9.50.

Buy them for your BMW-loving aunt who loves to bake—and don’t forget to throw in some cookie dough.

The BMW cookie cutters, which  domestic car-lovers will appreciate., JBCookieCutters