Watch Drone Footage of Someone Dancing on a Wheat Harvester During a Lightning Storm

You’re in the middle of a field during a massive lightning storm. What do you do? Get to high altitude, dance, and shoot a drone video, of course.

byMarco Margaritoff| UPDATED Dec 7, 2017 5:26 PM
Watch Drone Footage of Someone Dancing on a Wheat Harvester During a Lightning Storm

In the town of Toowoomba, Queensland, which lies near Brisbane on the east coast of the Australian continent, drones are being put to excellent use. While we shouldn't set aside the importance of using the unmanned aerial vehicle as a vastly beneficial tool for the search-and-rescue, medical, law enforcement, and environmental industries—us human beings like to be entertained. Through the struggles of our day-to-day and the general ups and downs of our lives, it's important to keep a smile on your face from time to time. Thanks to Sam Sedgwick of Storyful and his love of aerial cinematography, we just guaranteed ourselves at least one of those smiles this week.

According to The Chronicle, Dougal Stallman graduated from Toowoomba Grammar School in 2016 and currently works for Bingham Agriculture in South Australia. As you can tell from the company's Facebook page, the team seems to enjoy shooting footage via drone quite a bit. Sam Sedgwick's most recent video, however, has garnered more traction than others and features Bingham Agriculture's own Dougal Stallman taking to the top of a wheat harvester during a lightning storm—and dancing.

Let's take a look at the spritely young man, in action.

Though the drone's movement is essentially a basic circling of the point of focus (Stallman), there are some precious moments in here. Besides the reinvigorating concept of a person letting it all go and dancing to his heart's content, during a lightning storm, no less, there's an added element of beauty here. The color of the sky, when illuminated by lightning strikes as the UAV circles above, is quite something to behold. We've reported on aerial footage before, such as the Kosciuszko Bridge demolition, a 4K aerial tour of the new Apple Park campus, or this breathtaking short-film. Those may be testaments to the range of what is possible with camera-drones, but so is this. You simply wouldn't be able to create this from a lower vantage point.

Reportedly, Stallman himself just wanted to brighten up the day and knew that a traditionally shot video wouldn't do the scope of this scenario justice. He said, "I hope you all like my dancing. Gets a bit boring sitting in a header all day and thought I'd spice things up a bit. We all know it's harvest time and thought the normal harvest videos wouldn't cut it." It's safe to presume that everyone at The Drive agrees, Mr. Stallman. Godspeed.