Honda’s New Checklist Makes It Easy for Customers to Buy Certified Used Vehicles

Honda launched an extensive program to help determine the authenticity of used models. 

Honda aims to develop fully self-driving cars by around 2025
Kyodo via AP Images

Companies like Toyota and Mercedez-Benz have fought to ensure that consumers purchase authentic used vehicles. Toyota has a certification program that started in 1996, which includes a 160-point checklist. Mercedez launched an extensive 164-point checklist in 2006. The latest company to follow suit is Honda, which announced the introduction of its authenticity checklist earlier this month.

Honda’s new 182-point program examines key components like brakes, engines, steering wheels and exhaust systems.

Everything is then recorded online to ensure that customers can easily access the check results, inspection documents, vehicle history reports, and photos of the vehicle, free of charge.

The new process is meant to give consumers peace of mind and transparency on their purchase, according to Honda.

Honda’s examination applies to vehicles with 80,000 miles or less, and can only be performed on models that are six years old or newer.

Car shoppers can also determine the authenticity of a used car by purchasing a $40 report from CARFAX to get the details of a car’s history or find the car’s VIN (the 17-digit code found on old registration documents, insurance records, or repair records), and enter it into a VIN-check site, like or