Ford Sponsors Woodward Dream Cruise to Support American Car Culture

Move over Cars and Coffee, this classic car meet is king.

Detroit was once the pinnacle of American automotive manufacturing, but now it might as well be a ghost town. The Motor City may need some R&R, but Ford Motor Company thinks that it’s high time Detroit retakes its rightful place on the aluminum throne. It already wrote huge checks for Detroit’s Independence Day festivities and education program, but now it’s focusing on the city’s rich car culture. Ford will sponsor America’s largest car meet this summer, which celebrates the greatest cars to come out of Michigan. 

Ford announced Tuesday that it will be hosting the 22nd annual Woodward Dream Cruise on August 19. This classic car meet is an homage to Detroit in the 1950s and 60s, where car culture thrived. The cruise takes place along Woodward Avenue and participants stop at many of the highway’s iconic drive-ins and restaurants that were once hubs for old American cars. Ford estimates that a whopping 40,000 cars and 1.2 million people will attend the one-day parade, making it the largest vintage car meet in the United States.

Ford will also put its own spin on the cruise, where it will bring its Driving Skills for Life program for all to enjoy. Anyone attending the Dream Cruise will be able to take part in the program, which teaches drivers good driving techniques through the use of virtual reality.  

Mustang Alley is also back for its 19th annual gathering, where Ford will celebrate its award-winning muscle car’s achievements in a separate event.  Ford will showcase the 2018 Mustang here and invites all Mustang owners to bring their pony cars to this semi-exclusive ceremony.