Pick Up This Singer Watch for Just $41,000

This would look great on you while driving your Singer-reimagined Porsche 911.

One of the most fashionable names in the vehicle design world is now a lifestyle brand. Singer Vehicle Design, which famously reimagines old Porsche 911s, has unveiled the new Track 1 chronograph wristwatch under the brand name Singer Reimagined. At $41,000, this beautiful watch is easily the cheapest Singer product you can buy.

This Swiss-made watch has a design as unique as the ones you’ll find on a Singer Porsche. It’s easy to see the same obsessive attention to detail that goes into every Porsche 911 is alive in this gorgeous timepiece.

The Track 1 has a unique layout, one that’s the opposite of most chronographs. It has the stopwatch in the middle and the time of day on the outer rim of the face. Twin discs rotate, with a mark on the bottom telling you what time it is. It looks a bit convoluted in pictures, but it appears it’d actually be quite easy to tell what time it is using this chronograph.

According to the Singer Reimagined website, “The lofty objective of Singer Reimagined is to distill, enhance and combine the elements of greatness that define the iconic stop watches of the 1960s and 1970s.” To that end, the watch definitely has a Steve McQueen vibe that reminds this author of vintage watches from the likes of Tag Heuer and Seiko.

The case of this chronograph is grade 5 titanium with a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The hardware in the rivets and pins is all titanium as well. The strap is black calf leather with khaki green alligator lining.

If you’re still looking for a Father’s Day idea and your dad is into Singer’s cool cars, act fast. Singer Reimagined is only planning an initial run of 50 watches…but more are expected to follow.