Watch Comedian Bill Burr’s 2017 Australian Grand Prix Recap

It makes one wonder if Eddie Izzard should be on SkyF1 instead of David Croft.

byJames Gilboy| UPDATED Apr 4, 2017 6:53 PM
Watch Comedian Bill Burr’s 2017 Australian Grand Prix Recap

Bill Burr is a man of numerous talents. He has an affinity for surviving in the cruel environment of the entertainment business, as he has found success with everything from stand-up comedy to hosting wildly popular podcasts. He did voice acting for smash hit videos game Grand Theft Auto IV and appeared as a supporting character in Breaking Bad. The crown jewel, however, may be the fact that he was permitted a cameo in The Simpsons, something most people would consider a life achievement. If a recent episode of his podcast is anything to go by, he may be keen on breaking into the world of sports broadcasting. He would make less of a color commentator than he would a colorful language commentator.

On Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, he recapped, to the best of his ability, the events of Formula One's 2017 Australian Grand Prix, or as Burr himself called it, "the Australian grand pee." Despite acknowledging himself as a sophomoric fan of the sport, with 2016 being the first season he watched, Burr echoed the sentiments of many longtime F1 viewers, with dissatisfaction stemming from watching a single team, Mercedes, triumph over their competitors with minimal challenge from other teams. He lauded the upper-midfield racing between teams such as Red Bull, Ferrari, and Force India, whom, though they were rarely in contention for the race win, were always trying for third, fourth, or fifth place as though their lives depended on it.

In classic form, Burr recounts the events of the race as best as a casual fan can, with added profanity. At one point, he does his best to recall an unfamiliar driver's name, citing "Australian dude... Rico Reekenberg... Ricky Rocket," forming a name that is a bastard hybrid of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg. Burr also provides an analogy for dirty air of surprising quality, comparing clean air to still water, and dirty air to choppy waves.

Though Burr may be new to Formula One, he already has a strong grasp of the sport's principles, and his commentary is a joy to listen to. Luck willing, we may see him on a commentator team one day. One can only hope.