Watch a BMW M235i Race Car Driver Go Crazy After Nurburgring Crash

This VLN driver was having none of it.

byAaron Brown|
Racing photo

Competing at the Nurburgring can bring anxiety to levels that potentially breach what should be acceptable for civilized people. A video from Saturday's VLN1 race at the 'Ring shows a multi-car crash...and, more embarrassingly, the anger-filled response from one of the drivers involved.

A BMW M235i race car was holding its line as it came through the Nordschleife's Flugplatz until it was pushed into a barrier by a Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car that bounced out of control as it drove over the track's curbing. The crash involved at least three cars, including the Mercedes and the BMW. 

After the cars came to a stop on the trackside grass, the M235i driver motioned angrily at the AMG driver. Though we can't hear what the racer is saying, we'd bet there were some pretty nasty words thrown around. Maybe even in some otherwise-romantic European language. 

As the driver's feud comes to an end, the racer pretends to throw his or her's helmet at the car, but decides not to. Probably a good move, all things considered.