The Enviate Hypercar May Be Pikes Peak’s Best Kept Secret

This radical hillclimb car is all kinds of raw.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Racing photo

Pikes Peak is a proving ground for many independent auto builders. Without the need to meet road safety regulations, shops can build mostly anything they want and it will likely fit into a class at the annual race. We've seen manufacturers build some of the wickedest cars there, setting records and making statements on their own for years; however, you can't forget about the not-so-little guys in the shadows. A company named LoveFab has built their perfect idea of a hypercar with this, the Enviate: an 1,800-pound, tube-frame, purpose built project that fends for itself on the legendary course.

To start off, nothing on this car is simple. You may think that since it's powered by an LS3 that it's a basic V8 kit car, but no. Wicked turbochargers set the American lump apart from your neighbor's Corvette, helping to produce between 500-700 horsepower depending on altitude. That's more than enough to push around the sub-2,000 pound car. It's built upon an intricate tube-frame structure that is both extremely rigid and responsive to driver inputs, minimizing the loss of feedback from the road. It's single seating position further advances its racecar underpinnings, reminding you of its roots —just in case you forgot.

Here, you can see the Enviate Hypercar testing at Gingerman Raceway. Enjoy the onboard footage of the LoveFab lovechild springing from turn to turn with plenty of turbo whistle and V8 grunt to satisfy.

And if you want to see it off the race track, there's this. This video shows the Enviate trekking through the snow with all of its aero-focused bodywork in tact. It's nutty to see the diffuser and giant front splitter covered in snow, but it's concurrently beautiful as well.

Hopefully, this'll give you enough reason to tune into the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb this June. If not, I suggest thoroughly checking YouTube for vintage clips of the race throughout the years. Collectively, they're sure to start your fire.